August 10, 2022

Latest company news about korea MISFILL

1. The small face needle is the same as the fat-dissolving needle. The 4mm needle is pinched vertically to the skin. Point injection does not need to add anything. Each point is 0.2~0.5ml. Press it on the fat layer and gently massage it. It can dissolve fat + firm and improve contour Not swollen.
Sharp needle injection method: Small face needle and fat-dissolving needle are injected the same way. Pinch the skin with a 13mm needle and inject 7-8mm points vertically into the skin, without any addition, at a distance of 1.5cm, each 0.3-0.5ml, and inject in the fat layer. 1-2 sticks can be used on the face. Massage gently after 12 hours. Fat-dissolving, firming, improving contour, no pain, no swelling, obvious effect in two days.
Needle injection method:

0.1 lidocaine was injected into the skin with a sharp needle at the entry point, the fat layer of the 27G needle was flattened in a fan shape, and the needle was withdrawn for even administration. It can be used under the eyes, wherever there is fat

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