January 7, 2022

Latest company news about Lipolab

1. Facial carving:

Facial obesity such as cheeks and jaws can make facial lines smooth after lipolysis, making it easy to make delicate beauties with small faces.

2. Dissolve fat on the back:

The back is fat and generous, with too much fat, without the beauty of the back line. The fat can be tightened and liposuction can be used to get rid of excess fat on the back.

3. Waist and abdomen lipolysis:

Bucket waist, small belly, protruding abdomen, hands can grasp a lot of accumulated fat, after the fat melt, you can have a tight abdomen curve beauty.

4. Arm fat dissolving:

The thick round is hypertrophy, lack of elasticity, and sagging to the lower and outer sides of the sides, bloated and old, and the shoulders become real "female arms" after being melted.

5. Fat dissolving in the legs:

Accumulation of fat on the legs, accumulation of fat on the inner and back of the thighs, thick and round calves, without lines, can tighten skinny legs after being melted.


Three characteristics
1. The "fat dissolving" therapy reduces fat, not water. Construct a new balance net for the body to maintain a healthy balance;

2. Non-surgical minimally invasive technology, shaping while stimulating collagen proliferation, destroying fat cell membranes and particles,

At the same time, it promotes blood and lymph circulation and restores smooth and elastic skin;

3. There is no need to diet, no recovery period, the treatment process is short and easy, the effect is quick and the effect is long-lasting.

Korea’s only non-swollen fat-dissolving needle --- Korea’s Lipolab fat-dissolving upgraded version, which can dissolve cheeks/double chin/abdomen/thighs/butterfly sleeves, etc....the body parts with excess fat. Effective in 7 days. It is currently the only lipolysis needle that does not swell or swell after surgery in Korea.latest company news about Lipolab  0