August 15, 2022

Latest company news about mesoestetic

Composition of mesoestetic
1️⃣Mobilize fat-theophylline:
Theophylline can fully promote the decomposition of fat into fatty acids to reduce fat
2️⃣Fat run--L-carnitine
It is a necessary coenzyme in fat metabolism, which can promote the entry of fatty acids into mitochondria for oxidative decomposition
3️⃣Fat degradation--artichoke
It is an excellent preparation for cellulite and lipolysis in mesotherapy, acting as a diuretic and lymphatic drainage.

The effect is even better when combined with Mestik's silanols.
Silanol tightens the skin from the inside, promotes the increase of elastic fibroblasts and collagen synthesis, helps the reconstruction and repair of skin tissue, and provides the "skeleton" structure of skin tissue.
This is similar to a water light product. Security is high. It does not destroy fat cells like other powerful fat-dissolving injections.

Its biggest advantages are:
1️⃣Safety: Cellulite reduction is different from lipolysis, it targets and precisely acts on cells to reduce the volume of fat cells.
2️⃣Effective: The whole chain effectively acts on the trilogy of fat degradation, and it is not easy for cellulite to rebound.
3️⃣Tightening: Help the skin to provide a "skeleton" structure to ensure that the local area is not loose after cellulite removal. 【It can be matched with its water-light beauty plastic-silanol series】.
Spanish Mestik anti-cellulite injection. Integrin does not destroy fat cells, but only strengthens fat metabolism, and you will see the meat getting smaller and smaller. Eye bags, double chin, and toot meat, the effect is very good.